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Frequently Asked Questions



Exocel Bio is a pioneering biotech company that harnesses the power of nanoparticle technology to develop and manufacture groundbreaking natural products such as exosomes.

What is Exocel Bio?


Exovex is made of pure active exosomes manufactured. It is comprised of purified, fully active, and intact exosomes, which are fundamental to cellular communication and repair.

What is Exovex?


Exosomes are biological nanoparticles that carry an array of bioactive materials including growth factors, peptides, cytokines, and mRNA. These components play a crucial role in intercellular communication, tissue regeneration, and cellular function.

What are exosomes?


Exovex utilizes the cargo of mRNA and growth factors within exosomes to stimulate the body's natural cellular repair mechanisms. This process can enhance skin rejuvenation, improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone, texture, and promote hair growth.

How does Exovex work?


Exovex is applied topically after energy-based procedures or microneedling to aid in the healing and rejuvenation process. It reduce downtime post procedure as it helps eliminating redness and burning sensation from the procedure.

How is Exovex applied?


Exovex is GMP compliant and produced under stringent safety protocols, undergoing rigorous third parties testing using state-of-the-art techniques such as NGS, MUDPit, and a nine-point safety screening. This ensures the formulation of exosomes is safe and properly optimized for promoting anti-aging.

Is Exovex safe?


Exovex may reduce post-procedure recovery time, ease post-procedure discomfort, amplify treatment benefits, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin texture and tone, encourage hair growth, and deliver consistent non-invasive results.

What are the benefits of using Exovex?


Exovex is designed to be safe and effective for all skin types and tones, promoting inclusive skincare solutions.

Is Exovex safe for all skin types and tones?


Exocel Bio offers three different level of concentration of Exovex to cater to varying skincare and hair needs: Revive, Renew, Reveal, and Restore.

What are the different concentrations of Exovex available?


Revive empower your Skin and hair rejuvenation Journey. It is designed for clients requiring more intensive skin repair or targeting hair concerns such as small alopecia, Revive's increased concentration of exosomes revitalizes and strengthens skin, promoting a youthful appearance. It's also a mighty PRP replacement treatment at this concentration, eliminating inflammation and downtime.

What is Exovex Revive?


Renew unlock advanced regeneration for skin and hair. It is for clients seeking a potent solution for their skin and hair concerns, Renew's higher concentration of exosomes accelerates regeneration processes, promoting smoother, more radiant complexions and hair vitality. Ideal for those with significant skin damage or looking to enhance results from aggressive medical aesthetic treatments. Perfect for local hair treatment.

What is Exovex Renew?


Reveal is to experience the ultimate skin and hair transformation. Reveal is catering to clients with severe skin concerns or those seeking dramatic results, Reveal delivers an ultra-concentrated exosome formula for optimal skin and hair regeneration. Perfect for treating large skin areas and promoting hair regrowth, Reveal offers enhanced results compared to lower concentrations.

What is Exovex Reveal?
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