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Exocel Bio™ Ushers in Next Gen of Regenerative Aesthetics with All-Natural Exosomes Serum, Exovex.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Innovative Nanoparticle Technology Produces Highest Potency Proprietary Blend Of Precision mRNA And Growth Factors On The Market


DOYLESTOWN, Pa., May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- ExoCel Bio™, a biotechnology company focused on the research and development of cell-based technology, is revolutionizing the regenerative aesthetics industry with Exovex™, an all-natural serum of high quality, high concentration, non-lyophilized and purified exosomes formulated to accelerate recovery time, reduce inflammation and enhance the results of aesthetic medical treatments. Applied after energy-based procedures or microneedling, Exovex™ leverages mRNA and growth factors to activate the body's natural cellular repair, thereby improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and texture.

ExoCel Bio™ exosomes are produced by mesenchymal stem cells, isolated and expanded from the chorion layer of healthy, donated human placenta, which has been previously screened for communicable diseases and pathogens. The company's scientific team developed the formulation during an intensive two year span of product curation to create the safest and highest potency serum composed of exosomes currently available on the market. Exovex™ exosomes are packed with thousands of bio-active molecules, including peptide growth factors, as well as mRNA that codes for collagen, keratin, elastin, along with other anti-aging and anti-inflammatory proteins. There are 10 to 100 times greater variety of growth factors in Exovex™ as compared with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

"The market is full of medical, cosmetic, and device options that artificially restore facial volume, or relax wrinkles with toxins," says Patrick Retif, CEO of ExoCel Bio™. "Our team spent years researching a reliable non-invasive solution that could leverage our own bodies' regenerative capabilities. We are proud to have created the safest, high potency, natural exosomes. Providers have been seeing incredible results with their patients, helping to reduce redness post treatment, alleviate the burning sensation, and enhance procedure results."

"Exosomes are absorbed by target cells at sites of damaged tissue, transferring their payload of bioactive molecules, precipitating intracellular phenotypic changes that produce anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects," explains Roger Schechter, MD, CMO of ExoCel Bio™. "Exosomes are lipid bi-layer nanovesicles that envelop growth factors, mRNA and miRNA, lipids and cell-signaling proteins directed at cellular proliferation and repair. ExoCel Bio™ exosomes go through a rigorous quality control protocol that includes nanovesicle characterization through proteomics, next generation sequencing, pathogen testing, and flow cytometry. Exovex™ has been demonstrated to consist of purified exosomes containing known regenerative biomolecules. Also, Electron Microscopy has shown that Exovex™ exosomes are close to perfectly spherical, a shape thought to facilitate absorption by the target cells allowing better absorption by target cells. This likely enhances the rapid anti-inflammatory and regenerative response, demonstrated by rapid resolution of erythema and improved skin quality, with post-procedural topical application of Exovex™."

Exovex™ is distributed in four concentrations of non-lyophilized active exosomes ranging from 5-100 billion per vial, designed to accompany different aesthetic procedures such as facials, microneedling and energy-based devices. Revive, containing 5 billion exosomes, is ideal for procedures directed at enhancement of facial skin, as well as for under eye treatments. Renew, with 12 billion exosomes, helps reduce downtime after deeper facial aesthetic procedures and substantially reduces the post-procedural burning sensation. Reveal, comprised of 25 billion exosomes, is designed for topical application over larger areas of treatment, for example, after procedures covering the full face, neck and décolleté. Restore contains 100 billion exosomes to exert maximum regenerative effects.

ExoCel Bio™ products are exhaustively tested, using advanced techniques, such as NGS, MUDPit and a nine-step patent-pending screening process to produce the safest nanoparticle acellular products available. This meticulous process assures that Exovex™ is the most comprehensively screened and effective exosomes in the world.

Exovex™ is currently carried by over 250 providers nationwide, and is only intended for professional use. To learn more or find a provider visit

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