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Exosomes Delivered via Microneedle Array: A Promising New Method for Treating Wrinkles

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

It is no secret that wrinkles are a common sign of aging, and many individuals seek treatments to reduce the appearance of these lines.


A recent study published in Nature examined a method of treating wrinkles that is growing in popularity—the intradermal delivery of exosomes via a microneedle array.

The researchers tested their hypothesis using an animal model and a subcutaneous needle injection method.

While they did find some success with this method, they observed uneven delivery of exosomes and clumping when they analyzed the results.

The researchers then repeated their experiments with a different method of applying exosomes. Instead of injection, they used microneedle patches treated with exosomes. Such patches consist of a base and a layer of microneedles. After application, the base is removed, and the microneedles dissolve in the skin along with their cargo.

Analysis showed that while subcutaneous needle injection resulted in uneven delivery of exosomes and clumping, exosomes delivered by microneedle were better dispersed.

Furthermore, the microneedle method was also more effective, causing the reduction in wrinkles after only four weeks—as opposed to eight weeks when using subcutaneous needle injection.

These findings suggest that microneedle array-mediated intradermal delivery is both more efficient and more effective than traditional subcutaneous injection methods for delivering exosomes into skin tissue for wrinkle reduction treatments.

As such, this new technology could revolutionize dermatology treatments by offering more uniform synthesis and replacement of collagen within the dermis without relying on invasive techniques or expensive drugs or devices.

The results from this study are quite promising! It appears that using a microneedle array-mediated intradermal delivery system for exosome-based treatments may result in better uniformity and greater efficiency than traditional methods for delivering exosomes into skin tissue—and potentially much faster wrinkle reduction too!

This technology could revolutionize dermatology treatments by providing an affordable yet effective way to reduce wrinkles without relying on invasive techniques or expensive drugs or devices.

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Exovex Exosomes are for topical use only. The FDA has not approved Exosomes for systematic use or injection.

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