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What to Look Out for When Choosing Exosome Products

The field of Exosomes is exploding as more and more players move into this exciting and evolving market. Exosomes are proving to be a promising and safe treatment option for aesthetic procedures. Not only do they alleviate redness and inflammation that accompanies treatments such as laser or micro needling, but they also accentuate the results the patient experiences. Exosomes are being further researched due to the potential usefulness in pain relief and wound care treatments as well as other applications.

With the promise and excitement of any new technology, buyers beware. Not all exosomes are the same. Creating a consistent, high quality and standardized product requires a rigorous manufacturing process to ensure purity, consistency, and safety of the product. Many exosome products on the market use lyophilization as a stabilization technique to promote the shelf life of their product. This process requires the sample to be frozen and placed in a vacuum. This process results in an uneven distribution of solutes and contaminants. To avoid this cryoprotectants are use such as propylene glycol, dimethyl sulfoxide, or acetamide are used.

At ExocelBio, we pride ourselves on a manufacturing process that is second to none. Our non-lyophilized exosome products are rigorously third party tested for quality and standardization. Many manufacturers do not apply rigorous cell sorting to eliminate all DNA and cellular matter.

When choosing a nanoparticle product, physicians want certainty of quality to provide consistency of results. Most manufacturers that produce exosomes have not gone through the rigorous scrutiny of the FDA or are insufficiently substantiated to make claims the FDA will support.

Exovex by ExocellBio is a standardized, high purity product with over 450 growth factors labelled for topical cosmetic use. This product provides unsurpassed value in terms of potency, pricing and purity. Exovex tests their products extensively using an assortment of advanced techniques that include NDS, MUDPit, and a nine-step patent-pending screening process to produce the safest nanoparticle acellular products available.

If you are interested in seeing if Exocel Bio could be a good fit for your practice, then contact us here.

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