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With the Rise of Exosomes Products Roger Schechter, M.D. Shares What to Know

With the rise of exosomes products, including over the counter options, Dr. Roger Schechter, Chief Medical Officer at Exocel Bio, is breaking down what you should be looking for and what to be cautious of. For the maximum regenerative effects there are key factors to consider including lyophilization, where the exosomes originate from, quality control, additives and more.

 Dr. Roger Schechter, Chief Medical Officer at Exocel Bio, is breaking down Exosomes.

What are Exosomes

Exosomes are lipid bi-layer nanovesicles that envelop growth factors, mRNA and miRNA, and cell-signaling proteins directed at cellular regeneration and repair. Exosomes attach to target cells at sites of damaged tissue, transferring their payload of bioactive molecules, precipitating intracellular phenotypic changes that produce anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects.

The difference between over the counter and medical grade, professional use exosomes products can include a variety of factors. Dr. Schechter outlines the following differences:

  • Origin: Exosomes harvested from Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) are natural and intended to repair human cells and will provide optimal regenerative effects. Plant-derived growth factors lack human receptors, making their touted regenerative benefits largely marketing hype.

  • Lyophilization: Lyophilized exosomes, which would be in any over the counter product that is available as a room temperature product with a separate diluent, are ruptured, and only contain growth factors with added chemicals. Non-lyophilized exosomes, meaning whole and intact, are critical for preserving their mechanism of action. Non-lyophilized exosomes are active exosomes preserved at -20C to -80C and are handled only by professionals.

  • No additives: Look for products without any additives, no HA, no added vitamins, and no chemicals. Pure active exosomes are suspended only in medical saline and must be kept frozen. For instance, lyophilized over the counter exosomes products contain additives to stabilize and allow the product to be kept at room temperature. Chemical cryoprotectant stabilizers may have adverse effects on skin or other tissues.

  • Quality control: The product needs to undergo third-party testing, following a comprehensive protocol that evaluates nanovesicle integrity, count, activity levels, quality, and pathogen presence through methods like proteomics, next-generation sequencing, and flow cytometry.

Exocel Bio is the premier manufacturer of medical grade, fully-lab tested, and non-lyophilized, pure exosomes derived from robustly regenerative Placental Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Exovex™ exosomes contain a potent blend of precision growth factors, peptides, cytokines, and mRNA that target damaged skin and hair follicle cells, which via topical application facilitate cellular repair and revitalization.

Exovex™ is currently deployed to over 500 providers. To learn more, or find a provider, visit

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