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Adding Exosomes to Laser and Micro Needling Treatments

The usefulness and application of aesthetic procedures is increasing. Treatments are beneficial for sun damage, facial redness, age spots or other pigmentation, tattoo removal, wrinkles, resurfacing, and hair removal. The two most popular non-surgical treatments are laser treatment and micro needling.

Laser Treatment

Laser works through light absorption and can be targeted to precise spots. When used for skin specific treatments such as scarring, pigmentation, or wrinkles, lasers pulse beams of light on the affected area removing the skin layer by layer. Lasers use an intense beam of light energy that destroys the outer layer of the skin while stimulating collagen production in the underlying tissue.

Micro Needling

Micro needling is also gaining popularity. This procedure uses tiny, sterilized needles that prick the skin creating small wounds in the skin. These small wounds stimulate the body to generate more collagen and elastin. As the wounds heal, the added elasticity boost helps the skin look younger. Micro needling does not use heat and can be a preferred option for darker skin tones. The benefits can be seen two to six weeks post procedure as it takes time for the skin to regenerate.

Laser treatments can cause heat damage, redness and peeling for several days post procedure. Micro needling can cause bruising, redness and deep treatments can cause bleeding. Both these treatments can result in down time for the patient as the skin heals.

Adding Exosomes

Use of exosomes aids in the rapid reduction of redness and improved healing. Exosomes are extracellular vesicles that are rich in growth factors. They are increasing in popularity due to the improved results from their application. Elastin and collagen production increase making the benefits of any laser or micro needling procedures even more evident. Furthermore, exosomes markedly reduce any redness post procedure drastically reducing down time for the patient.

After the laser or micro needling treatment, the exosomes are diffused over the skin activating an increased wound healing response as well as tissue formation. The addition of exosomes to these procedures enhances patient results and desire for these treatments. Exosomes can be beneficial when used on their own but when coupled with other treatments the results are superior.

Selecting a high-quality exosome product is important as results can vary dependent on the purity, concentration, and molecules within the product. Exovex strives to be the leader in nanoparticle technology and methodology using a complex manufacturing process utilizing 3rd party testing to ensure purity and standardization of their product.

If your practice is looking to add exosome nanoparticle technology, contact Exovex on 858.255.4499 to find out how exosomes can add value to your patients and your practice.

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