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EXOVEX Serum is a cellular regeneration product, for topical application, offering a formula of proprietary growth factors. EXOVEX Serum encourages healthy turnover of cells and protects them from free radical damage prompted by environmental factors.


EXOVEX Serum comes in 4 concentrations: 450  Billion, 100 Billion, 25 Billion in 5mL 0.9% Saline, and 12 Billion exosomes in 2.5mL 0.9% Saline, for topical use. Ask your health care professional for their recommendations regarding optimal application.


EXOVEX Kit is a deeply-penetrating rejuvenation system that includes a proprietary driver cream, exfoliating cream, and EXOVEX Serum.

EXOVEX Kit improves texture and elasticity, and reduces the appearance of sun damage.


EXOVEX Kit encourages healthy cell turnover, reduces redness while suppressing inflammation and irritation due to its powerful antioxidant properties


Exosomes are nano-sized vesicles capable of transferring DNAs, micro RNAs, non-coding RNAs, and lipids, without direct cell to cell contact, which represents a novel method of intracellular communication.  


Their natural material transportation properties, the capability of intrinsic long-term circulation, and high biocompatibility, which are the most suitable factors for the delivery of a variety of proteins, chemicals, and nucleic acids.  


According to several research studies, exosomes have generated positive results as mediators of the intercellular communication, thus, potentially delivering the functional proteins, mRNA transcripts, and miRNAs to cells in the body.


Exosomes that are derived from MSC's have potential therapeutic properties and are biocompatible and efficient agents against various disorders such as organ and tissue damage.


Purpose build exosomes can play a significant role in the regeneration of skin and other tissue as a topical application and is often used as part of a holistic approach to wellness, health and aesthetics.  


They can also be part of a disruptive mix of interventions that can be directed at restoring both external and internal wellness.


These are typically the best non-invasive solutions available on the market to create customized combinations of cutting edge technology to wellness.


We work with leading clinicians who use holistic approaches to design these novel solutions.

For Health Care Professional-Use-Only.

Our professional grade formulas are designed solely for use in the treatment room, by trained professionals, and every step can be customized according to their recommendations and practices.

* EXOCEL BIO does not claim to cure any condition, disease, or injury by manufacturing exosomes. This website contains no medical advice. All statements and opinions provided by this website are provided for educational and informational purposes only.

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