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Adverse Event Reporting


Safety is Our Top Priority

We prioritize Adverse Event Reporting with utmost seriousness. Patient safety is our top concern, and by actively collecting and analyzing these reports, we ensure the continued safety and effectiveness of our medical products and treatments.

An adverse event (AE) in the context of a cosmetic product is typically defined as an unwanted side effect, reaction, or outcome that occurs after or during the use of a cosmetic product. This could include a range of potential issues, such as skin irritation, allergic reaction, rash, burns, hair loss, or any other form of harm or discomfort.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), an adverse event includes any health-related incident associated with the use of a cosmetic, whether it is serious or not, and whether it is certainly, probably, or possibly related to the use of the cosmetic. The event may be a new one or an increase in severity or frequency of a preexisting condition.

  • Confidentiality Statement: Assurance that any personal data collected will be kept confidential and used only in accordance with data protection regulations.

  • Disclaimer: Reporting an adverse event does not constitute an official medical diagnosis. User should seek immediate medical help if the situation is urgent.

Report an Event

Please utilize the following form to promptly report any unexpected events or adverse reactions. Your input plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety and quality of our medical products and interventions.

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