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Simon C. Robson

Scientific Advisor

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I am a physician scientist at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), Harvard Medical School and am active clinically in Hepatology and Transplantation. I conduct basic and translational research in my own laboratory as well as coordinating investigation within the Department of Medicine. I was recently appointed Professor of Anesthesiology and currently serve as the Director of the newly formed “Center for Inflammation Research” and Vice Chairman of Research within the Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine.

My major area of basic science and translational research involves innovative work in purinergic signaling primarily studying ectonucleotidases, which others and we, have characterized as vascular, myeloid and regulatory lymphoid cell expressed ecto-enzymes e.g. CD39 and NPP/autotaxin. The immune and thromboregulatory functions of such ecto-enzymes are to hydrolyze pro-inflammatory/prothrombotic extracellular nucleotides and phospholipids to immunosuppressive/antithrombotic adenosine and derivatives. 
The expression of the ectonucleotidases, or their therapeutic application, have major modulatory impacts in transplantation systems, and in the settings of inflammatory GI and hepatic diseases.

I have over two decades of experience in studies of purinergic signaling, immunometabolism, and vascular biology in transplantation and inflammation; with established interests in portal and mesenteric venous occlusion, portal hypertension and hepatic fibrosis. I have developed specialist knowledge of coagulation disorders in chronic liver disease, graft rejection and in cancer. I have the required laboratory, clinical research and investigative resources, which with those of collaborators provide all the necessary tools, knowledge and expertise to successfully help to carry out clinical translational research together with the use of investigative, innovative models.

My laboratory, clinical research and dedicated investigative resources, with those harnessed by Excelbio have the expertise to successfully carry out the proposed basic and translational research in these innovative applications addressing new therapeutic avenues using exomes in management of liver and skin fibrosis. 

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