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Exovex offers a comprehensive range of purified active exosomes products without additives or chemicals.


  • Concentrated purified intact Exosomes suspended in Medical 0.9% saline

  • No added chemicals, no humectant, no added vitamins, no artificial components

  • Exosomes are maintained intact and active at -20C to -80C

Precision Science that uses nanoparticles

Exosomes Composition
and Benefits

Exovex Exosomes are non-lyophilized to maintain them intact and active. The potency and efficacy of exosomes are defined by their content in RNA, Growth Factors, and Protein.

Coding RNA Expression: Identification and characterization of the most overexpressed miRNAs and their impact on cellular protein expression

The presence of multiple growth factors is of particular significance for the desired Exovex applications in anti-aging and wound healing.


Growth factors and proteins functions are defined by Uniport (Universal Protein Resource) which is a comprehensive database of protein sequences and functional information. It is maintained by the UniProt Consortium, which is a collaboration between the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB), and the Protein Information Resource (PIR).

Growth Factors and Proteins