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The Secret of Secretomes

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Everyone wants to know the secret of anti-aging. As cellular technology continues to advance, this secret is unfolding. Nanotechnology is tapping into the power of secretomes. Secretomes are lipid bilayer microvesicles that carry growth factors and contribute to anti-aging.

Secretomes work to target and repair damaged tissue at sites of inflammation and transfer their contents resulting in phenotypic functional changes. Secretomes are rich in growth factors that include mRNA, miRNA, lipids and cell signaling proteins that repair and regenerate cells. They also have a robust and reliable safety profile and are acellular, meaning no DNA or cellular material is present.

Secretomes are rich in thousands of bioactive molecules that have anti-aging properties. This includes protein encoding genes that promote angiogenesis, anti-apoptosis and growth factors. In addition, hair growth and antiwrinkle properties are promoted through the presence of collagen, keratin, elastic fiber, fibulin protein encoding genes and miRNA.

Secretome rich serums provide a valuable addition to aesthetic procedures because of their ability to not only enhance treatment results, but also to relieve post procedure burning sensations and downtime. Secretomes appealingly, provide a cost effective and results driven alternate to costly products that include Stem Cells, PRP and PRF.

Laser treatments, microneedling and trauma have all shown dramatic improvement with a single application of secretomes. Redness and burning is significantly reduced within 1 hour of application post procedure improving patient acceptance, results and satisfaction.

Our products are available for licensed medical professionals for in-office use. They arrive to your clinic cryogenically-frozen, where the provider simply needs to thaw it out and use it as a topical application, without the need for any bulky equipment.

With no up-front cost and a low unit cost, Exovex is quickly becoming the preferred option for medical aesthetic providers.

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